Listen from the heart


Listening from the heart


Our mind is telling us to stay small and not take risks.

To stay with what we know,

What feels safe and comfortable


But the thing is! That is not a space where we can grow!


Where we, can become a better version of ourselves


That can only happen if we listen to our heart


Our heart doesn’t know fear, it wants to expand and grow

It wants to go on adventures and discover new possibilities

So I listened to my heart

Painted BIG and out of my comfortable space


But WOW! How amazing has it been


It feels like a fire has been lit, new ideas are pouring in, inspiration, joy!!!


So imagine having her in your home

Everytime you look at her you are reminded of infinite possibilities


Of growing into your beautiful powerful self!



Additional information

Dimensions 1.30 × 1.30 cm

watercolor on paper