Helping heart led professionals create sacred spaces with ethereal watercolor paintings of the divine feminine




✨ Manifesting a New moon goddess ✨
The new moon, symbol of the Crone, the wise woman
she whispered her name to me in my dreams
And talked about the wisdom gained in her life
She is a woman who has lived a full life
Filled with joys and sorrows
Learning about herbs and potions
Of how to listen to the body
And how to heal the hearts of others
She stands proudly in herself
And no longer feels the need to fit in
She knows her own worth and is comfortable in her own skin
If you sit at her feet, she will tell you stories
And impart you her wisdom
So don’t get caught in the busyness of life, take a moment to be with her
And listen
Sit quietly and listen
And you will discover magic

Additional information

Dimensions 50 × 70 cm

and gold foil on paper